CRM for Manufacturing Industry

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CRM For Equipment Manufacturers

In today’s global economy and competitive market, industrial equipment manufacturers face unique challenges. Focusing on operational efficiencies and cutting production costs alone wouldn’t help to be competitive and boost profitability. Personalized sales process and higher level of service has become critical. Adopting CRM technology is the magical key here and imperative for any equipment manufacturing organization: Industrial equipment, medical equipment, printing equipment and agricultural equipment.

How Our Manufacturing CRM Can Help You

Reduce Sales Cycle Duration

Improve customer retention

Increase deal closure rates

Minimize sales & marketing costs

Revenue boost per sales person

Boost sales productivity

Features of Manufacturing CRM

  • Add & know your product details
  • Track follow ups: Past & Scheduled
  • Forecast sales weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly
  • Monitor sales person wise / agent wise targets.
  • Never miss a lead follow up
  • Prioritise & Focus on important leads
  • Increase sales performance
  • Manage your Enquiries efficiently with Mobile CRM App.
  • Send payment reminders
  • Know your clients better
  • Market via sms & email to leads & clients
  • Strategise & Gross more revenue
  • Make informed Business Decisions
  • Dashboard & Reports

Why RSoft CRM Best for Manufacturers

Complete Lead Capture

Never miss an Enquiry from any source. Enjay CRM can integrate with your website and other travel portals. Integrated Email/Whatsapp provides efficient capturing of Leads.

Sales Automation

Manage Sales pipeline with lead management, Sales Stages and automation tools. Easy to use SMS, WhatsApp, Email templates provide efficient followup mechanism.

Reporting and Analysis

Detailed, Graphical, Pre-build and custom reports, Dashboards help to manage activities easily and efficiently. Mobile Dashboards and Scheduled email reports available.

Invoicing & Payment Collection

Helps to manage Loyalty points and track profitability on each invoice. Payment collection reminders help in better cash flow management.

Data Security

Our datacentres are hosted in some of the most secure facilities available that are protected from physical and logical attacks as well as from natural disasters.

Complete Client Contacts

Complete details about your Clients, their travel details and history helps in cross-selling and up-selling. No need to ask for details again and again.

With RSoft's CRM Mobile Apps

you can connect with your customers when you're on the move, and manage your end-to-end sales cycle.

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